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    Casting Call for video pilots!!!!


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    Casting Call for video pilots!!!! Empty Casting Call for video pilots!!!!

    Post  MrFiremouth-RichD on Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:04 am

    Hey guys, I was contacted by a local musician that is shooting a music video and wants to have aerial support during his video from RC planes and RC helicopters with HD video. This is what he sent me to gauge interest.......

    We are looking for video support from the sky via R/C helicopters and/or planes for a motorcycle ride and music video shoot. Mainly we are looking for pilots and planes... video cameras and other necessary gear can be obtained if necessary.

    The type of steadiness and quality that we are looking to achieve is basically steadycam quality from the sky. After reviewing online aerial footage, it appears that we are going to need helicopters that are capable of handling a somewhat larger camera such as the Canon 7D. It also appears that we will need a quality RC helicopter camera gimbal.

    Not being experts in the R/C field and realizing that this technology advances daily, we are open to whatever method will achieve the same quality end result.

    The video is going to be shot the weekend of Oct 7-8 in the St. Louis region. If you are interested or know anyone interested in helping with this project, please reply to this post.

    I can pass on his email to anyone interested. They will have a police escort and drive down the River Road in Grafton IL with Harley Davidsons, they will have a camera truck for on road video but wanted shots from above too. This would be some FPV stuff at a speed of about 45-65mph.
    LMK if anyone is interested in such a project.


    PS. I am not affiliated with Max Steel Music

    He contacted me because he knows I fly RC helicopter and planes and thought I may be able to find him a RC pilot.

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